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In Petersburg will pass the international film festival VOICES
Movies: Октябрь 21, today
In Petersburg will pass the international film festival VOICES
In St. Petersburg on 27 and 28 October will be held the international film festival VOICES. The Russian public show of young European cinema, as well as prestigious retrospectives of masters of cinema. discuss
Kiev has refused to pay Russia for the disposal of nuclear waste
Main: Октябрь 21, today
Kiev has refused to pay Russia for the disposal of nuclear waste
The Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik solemnly declared that Ukraine now has its own repository for spent nuclear fuel. And this, he added, will allow Kiev to fully diversify the utilization. Until now, Ukraine has exported its nuclear waste to Russia. discuss
In MO called
Society: Октябрь 21, today
In MO called "insignificant" justify Belgium's strike in Syria
The Ministry of defense of Russia presented the Belgian side, the comprehensive data confirming the application of October 18 airstrike on the Kurdish village of Hassidic it is the aircraft of the Belgian air force. This was reported today the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov. discuss
Politics: Октябрь 21, today
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Aleksejj 18 days ago
Almedia Groups
Good company, consulted on equipment helped all told, the equipment came on time, as agreed.

Oksana 7 days ago
The horror, the deception, do NOT buy anything in Uralplit, I threw away money buying a table top gave the money, my items didn't even show and when the countertop was delivered it was. I immediatel ...

Irina 8 days ago

Accidentally found this shop. Bought everything for repair. As it was necessary to do a decent repair in a big house with minimal costs, reviewed a variety of shops and chose this one. Was not mistake ...

Kirov trolleybus depot 2, Inc gorelektrotransport
Yes badly to work there for the money , especially as a mechanic or electrician for the trolley, particularly when the decrease, the load is 3 times increased and the salary the same) especially elect ...

Be careful. This is a Scam! Do not try to pay in advance for anything.I paid for the injectors. Almost a year has passed.Led by the nose, promising to return the money, but in fact-just do everything ...

Olga 11 days ago
BAU MIX a small mobile company with a complex product. Clients are private investors or entrepreneurs who earn in the conditions of the native country of their "blood", and still manage to invest in t ...

Veronika 12 days ago

I'd like to write about the employees of this company. I repaired the AV receiver... won't bore with the details of the failure, in General, what I want to say... high class Professionals. I am very p ...

It's a hoax! I filled out the contact form, I was contacted, billed. When paid, it turned out that the injectors are no longer available. Promised to return money in the letter. It's been more than th ...

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About the city of Novosibirsk

Погода в Новосибирске В 13:00 на метеостанции (7 км) было +0.7 °C облачно, очень высокое атмосферное давление, высокая влажность (75%), штиль. В Новосибирске завтра в 07:00 ожидается -3°C, снег, легкий ветер.

Novosibirsk was founded in 1893, but the status of the city he received much later in 1903. It is the centre of Siberia's largest Metropolitan area, the third city of Russia. It is a cultural, business, industrial, commercial, scientific and transport center of Federal significance.

The geographic location. Novosibirsk is located in the southeastern part of West Siberian plain and occupies the territory lying on the Priobskoye plateau. The city is located at the intersection of two natural zones: forest and forest-steppe. The southern border of the city very close to the reservoir formed from the dam of the Novosibirsk hydroelectric power station. To the right is represented by numerous gullies, ravines, here begins the transition to the mountainous relief of the Salair ridge. The left part presents a flat relief.

Climatic features. The climate of Novosibirsk is the cause of its remoteness from the seas. The city is located in continental climate zone with average annual low temperatures +1.8 s temperature Difference between winter and summer is 88 degrees.Air temperature in January is -16 C , in July +19.

Timezone. As left-Bank and right-Bank up to 1958 were from different time zones. Since 90 years Novosibirsk was in the seventh time zone. After the transfer in 2011 of movements one hour ahead of Moscow time difference was three hours. From 2014 the translation of time zone difference has not changed.

Territorial changes of the city. Novosibirsk occupies the territory with an area of 506 km ? General plan of the city envisages its increase to 635 km ? with the inclusion of Krasnoobsk settlement and adjacent rural territories, the district of chemy and Left the Kirov district, as well as industrial and residential district of Pasha.

The administrative division of the city. Novosibirsk is divided into 10 administrative districts: Zaeltsovsky, Dzerzhinsky, October, Central, Railway, Kalininsky, Leninsky, Pervomaisky, Kirov, Soviet. He is the record holder for the increase in population and gradually becomes the city millionaire. Migration from CIS countries and China has resulted in changing the national composition of the population.

The emblem of the city. The city's coat of arms is a heraldic shield, the symbol of the bridge which connects the banks of the Ob river. His black - and- silver-line - is a symbol of the railway. Crown with five teeth indicates that Novosibirsk is a regional center. Sable, arrows, a bow is taken from the emblem of the city.

Demographic indicator. In recent years, increased fertility and reduced mortality. According to the census of population in 2010, the Novosibirsk region took seventeenth place in Russia.

Historical facts. The history of Novosibirsk Dating to the XVII century since the construction of the village Krivosheinsky. It was built on the left Bank of the Oka river. In the quarter resided 695 residents, was a primary school, a jetty for steam boats. When it became clear that it held Great Siberian road Krivosheina settled in local villages, some of them moved to the right Bank. The building of the Pravoberezhny district began with the development of Railways and the laying of the TRANS-Siberian railway.

In 1893 was the beginning of the construction of a bridge across the river Ob, on the right Bank appeared the village was a New Village. There were bridge builders, in the Northern part of it was the construction of the railway station and station settlement. In 1895, the village was renamed the village of Novonikolaevsk. At the end of the XIX century began to appear designed neighborhoods. Many appeared wooden buildings and the first stone buildings such as: train station, Cathedral, theatre, shopping body.

Further development of the city contributed to the construction of the railway line, which connected Siberia to the Altai. In the town of Novonikolayevsk began to rebound. The number of its inhabitants steadily increased and by 1921, it became the administrative center. The city was beautified and improved infrastructure. In 1926, has even created its own radio station.